Marketing is About Belonging

  • Date

    January 9, 2019

  • Time

    10:45 am – 11:45 am

  • Location

    Berton Room

  • Building

    Toronto Congress Centre

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Let’s deflate the elephant in the room: Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated; it has to be strategic and intentional. In this session we’ll park the elevator speeches and put the accelerator on positioning statements. Positioning statements can be used throughout your marketing and, when carefully crafted, will draw potential customers in. When we’re done that piece, Alyssa will take the hot seat and create personal marketing for audience members – right there on the spot. When you design marketing customers can see themselves in and a business where people feel like they belong, you’ve fulfilled on the #1 thing people want to feel. Belonging isn’t touchy-feeling – belonging = revenue.


  • Alyssa Light

    Alyssa Light

    The Profitable Innovator

    Waterloo, Ontario

    Alyssa Light comes from a long and very proud line of tradespeople, and up until a rare eye condition was discovered in 2009, she was one, too.

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