OWNERS ONLY WORKSHOP - Fired Up and Focused

  • Date

    January 8, 2019

  • Time

    9:30 am – 11:30 am

  • Location

    Waxman Room

  • Building

    Toronto Congress Centre

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Connecting Emotionally to Navigate Change and Create a Culture that is Fired Up and Focused on Delivering Exceptional Results.

Few organizations have a sustainable competitive advantage. There is always another business just down the road offering a similar product or service.

Yet people inherently resist change — even positive change that is beneficial — because it is hard, messy and painful. Yet without change – organizations lose their relevance and cease to thrive and grow. And we rarely get it right the first time.

It is inevitably much easier to maintain status quo, rather than stick with the tough decisions needed to stimulate and sustain the change necessary to achieve next level performance. This resistance results in frustration, declining engagement and reduced performance.

For sustainable change to happen — and to stick — it is essential to stir emotions strongly enough to overcome the natural tendency to slide back into the comfort of old habits.

In this keynote, Bill introduces the 3P Change Equation and covers proven principles, real life lessons and bullet-proof systems that tap into the emotions of change and start moving individuals and organizations towards a higher performing culture that wins rave reviews from employees, customers and clients.

Audiences leave with the strategies and tools to inspire and engage their teams to create change, achieve their greatest potential and excelerate continuous improvement.

-Understand the impact of connecting people with a shared vision
-Discover how clarity and transparency are used to create buy-in and engagement
-Learn how to build trust and cooperation into your culture
-Understand how leaders embrace and lead change
-Harness leadership behaviours that create buy-in and build a high performing work environment
-Using the No Excuse mindset to make change stick, build accountability and drive organizational objectives


  • Bill Hogg

    Bill Hogg

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    Bill has walked in your shoes -- and has the battle scars to prove it.

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